Naked Arbing




Naked Arbing


Naked Arbing is a phrase made for an Arbitrage Trade that is not immediately layed.



Naked Arbing and advanced Arbing strategies will be explained in the Thinking Outside The Box Course due to be published at later date.


Despite the saucy picture above, naked arbing can be performed with or without clothes on [if that really is your thing]!

I’ll start-off giving you a few examples of how Naked Arbing can differ so much, yet mean the same thing.


I am not suggesting for one moment for you to start Arbing!


We all know the ramifications of Arbing, even though I do think it is somewhat over-exaggerated, but true to a certain extent.

I used to use option 2 [below] for 75% of my Arbing that I used to do when I was a full time Arber.

This was many years ago [2005-2012] when Arbing was nowhere near as dangerous as it is today.

Granted, accounts were closed quicker than the Matched Betting route – but margins on horse arbs were massive and very profitable. I do not opt for this route nowadays.



Some NAKED Arb examples:


  1. I see a horse on Betfair that is attracting a lot of early £ support

The price is best-priced 3.75 with Coral – I think it will contract – but the lay is not there already to be layed. I know [if I wait] for the lay price to be there [on the exchange] the Coral price will more than likely contract further; so I take the chance on backing the horse at odds 3.75. I then enter my lay into Betfair at odds 3.3. I press “keep” – to avoid my trade being ‘cancelled-out’ of the market and I wait. OR I could just wait until the odds reached lower and then lay at 3.3 or whatever my desired price was. In my opinion: you’d be a fool to ‘wait’, when you could enter the lay into the market and just keep checking intermittently.

You haven’t enough funds to lay a bet – because the bet is high odds – yet you think it will contract and therefore, will lay when it reaches X amount price.


  1. I see Tiger Woods is odds 24.0 with William Hill, yet 22.0 on Exchange.

I believe that Tiger Woods will do well in this tournament and have intentions to lay him when his price contracts [shortens] at a later stage in The Tournament. Therefore, I have not layed Tiger yet – but intend to. If Tiger “Tee’d off” and suddenly had an accident ended up in the bunker and was doing terribly – then my trade would not look too good.


  1. You think the bet is over-priced and you want to get involved!

Similar to advantage play.

You have no intention of laying, until it reaches a price that is so short that you’d be foolish not  to “hedge your bets”.


Just a few ideas and insight into possibilities and perspectives.

Todays Matched Bettors are almost brainwashed into thinking they must lay immediately. This has been advised to them for a reason, so as they do not suffer any liability/risk ever. But it is always best to explore and realise the bigger picture.

More of Naked Arbing – including real-life examples will be added to this page at a later date, via the blog.

Naked Arbing and other advanced Arbing will also be featured on the Members Club at a later date.