2 Step Verification

2sv (Two Step Verification)

In today’s digital world cyber-crime is on the rise.

Hackers are becoming uber smart, so we must do everything we can to enhance our online security.

Two Step Authentication (2SV) provides an extra layer of security to your betting accounts.

I apply 2SV to everything that I possibly can these days! Email addresses, online accounts outside of betting and, of course, all my betting accounts that do offer the option of this.

2SV is necessary where possible – especially on your exchange wallets where you will no doubt hold the biggest percentage of your bank roll at most times.

My channels 2SV Video here

Be mindful to apply this. Especially if you engage in posting screenshots of your bets – in my opinion, this multiplies the chance of an attack.

These screenshots show how to apply 2sv.


Spare five minutes of TV, to avoid possibly hours of contacting banks, the misery of not being able to access your funds – and possibly even having to borrow from friends until you have a new debit/credit card!


Download Google Authenticator. Available on iOS and Android.


This example will be based on Betfair, however, the same kind of process applies when applying 2SV to other sites/emails, etc.


Presuming you have successfully downloaded Google Authenticator, you will now be presented with a 6-digit number, above the Betfair name.


An example of how the 6-digit number appears; sometimes these numbers will refresh – if this is the case – you will see the number flashing slightly. Simply scroll-down with finger and allow a second or two for the app to refresh.

If the number is rejected by Betfair, or your email address – the most common cause for this is that it was refreshing at the time – so simply repeat the procedure and re-enter the number.



This has some relation to the above precaution – 2SV. People have reported many times – on forums and YouTube videos, that they have been hacked.

My guess is that a hacker has seen their username and then gone-onto try “crack” their password. Since people usually share their screenshots on social media, and social media usually displays the person’s name … it helps the hacker.

In a nutshell – be smart when online. If you have had a huge win and can’t wait to brag about it … be mindful to “hide” the username and Bet ID at least!

By not doing so you are potentially feeding hackers your cash!

I found this article HERE a while back, which discusses 2SV more.